ZEI–G03 Wireles Door Magnetic

ZEI–G03 Wireles Door Magnetic

Wireless Window & Door Magnetic Alarms, Lithium Battery

Miêu tả

  • With the Zeisic Window & Door Magnetic Alarm protecting your home, apartment or small business has never been so easy and affordable. Simply mount the alarm on your window or door with the included double-sided adhesive for a hassle free peel-and-stick installation. The alarm is battery powered, 100% wireless and has an easy to use on / off switch.
  • Choose the Zeisic Window & Door Magnetic Alarm to protect your loved ones, home or business. It really is advanced security made easy!

Thông tin chi tiết

Alarm Door Sensors

Lithium Battery 

Long time to 4-5 years

Low power

Sending low power signal to Alarm Panel

Transmission Frequency

433 MHz

Transmission Range

Up to 262ft / 80m line of sight

Operating Temperature

14 degrees F to 104 degrees F 
10 degrees C to +40 degrees C

Magnetic Switch Trigger Range

15mm - 26mm


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Ms. Ngọc - 0932 665 116

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Mr. Khoa - 0915 558 124

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